Statutes and Annual Activity Reports

The Association’s Statutory Objectives are :

  • To conduct reflection, carry out studies, and undertake research on common goods, the respect for, and the defence of, human and environmental rights;

  • To disseminate this reflection by all appropriate means to as many people as possible (e.g., conferences, publications, training, consultations, etc.);

  • To provide both intellectual (legal, scientific, strategic, organisational, etc.) and financial means to benefit the defence of causes of general interest;

  • To facilitate access to law and justice for natural or legal persons (e.g., associations and general interest foundations, etc.) to enable them to assert their rights and/or achieve their objectives.

2022 has been a key year for Intérêt à Agir. After an all-encompassing start and a first year full of energy from all its members, we felt it was essential to work on structuring our organisational and economic model to best fulfil our mission: To act through law to build a world that is supportive and respectful of all living beings, contributing to the effective representation of common goods and fundamental rights before the courts.

Funding occupied the permanent team for a significant part of the year 2022. This was met with success and innovations. We will particularly note our 1% for the Planet certification and our selection for the Rencontres pour la Planète held in this context in October 2022.

This unique experience of presenting our mission and objectives to potential funders has increased the visibility of our actions and found invaluable support from foundations convinced by our project.

Action Through Law for a Supportive and Living-Being Respectful World : such is the mission that our collective of legal experts, jurists, lawyers, and law professors has set since its constitution as an association in December 2020. This is done by:

  • Contributing to developing and valorising research in service of common goods and fundamental rights, promoting collaboration between academics, legal practitioners, and other scientific disciplines;

  • Enhancing the capacity to act of grassroots actors through law by providing them with high-quality legal expertise.

Created in March 2020, the endowment fund INTERET A AGIR aims to collect funds and redistribute them to support the actions of the INTERET A AGIR association for the benefit of partner NGOs of general interest and/or to finance the association’s research and scientific reflection.

Organised in working groups, INTERET A AGIR mobilises and coordinates highly qualified expertise for the benefit of grassroots actors (NGOs, local authorities, social economy enterprises, etc.), thus allowing them to use law as a means of action in the following six areas: environment, precariousness, migration, digital freedoms, responsible economy, and health. Indeed, these actors have an « interest to act » and can take legal action to defend a cause of general interest when it is violated or neglected.

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