Who we are


Endowment Fund

Transparency & Financial Sustainability

DOTLEX ensures the quality of content, sound governance, and financial transparency.

Identifies and Supports Litigation

Intérêt à Agir ensures access to the judge. Thanks to litigation, it relies on an operational and tangible lever.
Think Tank

Thinks about the law as it should be

Lex Ferenda guarantees access to the law through an analysis of the current state of law.
It offers a broader perspective on judicial action and operational recommendations to public authorities and the legislature.

Intérêt à Agir is part of a group dedicated to strategic litigation.

Each organisation acts autonomously, contributing to a virtuous triptych, but sharing the same vision. The common mission of the three structures isto give civil society the means to bring forth legal actions in favor of social and environmental justice and to advance law in the service of public interest and common goods.

Empowering those defending common goods and the general interest with the power of legal action

A word from our founding members

We are a collective of legal professionals dedicated to enabling groups acting for public interest to take legal action to obtain human, sustainable, and equitable solutions.

To achieve this, we provide associations with the intellectual, human, and financial resources to represent their cause in court. This is done to address the shortcomings of public and private actors, ensure the protection of causes that have been refused or neglected, and ultimately, to penalise behaviors that harm them.

Rebalancing the balance of power, ensuring the protection of common goods through law

Commission Heads

Within the commissions of Intérêt à Agir, legal professionals are gathered to accompany civil society organisations in thinking and then implementing strategic litigation to advance or reinforce the effectiveness of the law. Within each of the commissions, the heads of commissions bring to life and nuture Intérêt à Agir’s mission.


Implement the commission’s strategy, establish contacts with new NGOs or unions to consider new litigation, search for funding through the drafting of project documents, assist the lawyer in case of litigation, and communicate the actions of the commission.


Strengthen the capacity of field actors to act through law by providing them with innovative and high-quality legal expertise that values research in the service of common goods and fundamental rights and encourages collaboration between academics, legal practitioners, and other scientific disciplines.


Coordinate the production of feasibility notes, organise the production of opportunity notes with active consultation or review by commission members, lead the drafting of opportunity notes based on the internal competencies of the commission, follow ongoing litigation.


Monitor subjects of commissions and identify strategic litigation on which the social context is favourable and the case law is mature for new advancements.


Support the commissions in building strong cases for legal action: strategies, arguments, evidence, scientific expert opinions.


Renew a relationship with law too often associated with prohibition or constraint by those not sensitised to it, through practical training whereby legal rules become allies that allow the law to be applied and advanced.

General Coordination

The coordinators ensure the strategic and operational link between the commissions and the board of directors, guaranteeing the continuity of activities undertaken to fulfil Intérêt à Agir’s vision.