Our Commissions

Empowering legal action through expertise

« Intérêt à Agir » is a collective of legal professionals and civil society actors. Our mission is to accompany civil society through litigation processes to evolve the law in the service of the general interest and common goods.

Responsible Economy

Enforce international rules on social and environmental grounds against multinationals, regardless of the countries where their activities are carried out (duty of vigilance and arbitration).


Strengthen environmental protection through the application of current regulations and anticipation of future ones: evolve environmental law in favour of common goods and the general interest, notably through the prevention and repair of ecological harm.


Ensure the full application of France's national, European, and international obligations concerning the fundamental rights of persons in migration.


Assure the dignity of vulnerable individuals by defending and guaranteeing their most essential fundamental rights: housing, nourishment, healthcare, and mobility.