Our Training Centre

Empowering legal action through training courses

Intérêt à Agir’s mission is ambitious and demanding :

Acting through law to defend common goods and fundamental rights

Creating a just, solidary, and respectful world for all living things

We accomplish this mission through :

Strategic litigation

Training of the entire legal community, both citizens and professionals

Interest in Training and Being Trained

We are all budding jurists! Yet, the law is too often associated with prohibition or constraint when the system of the rule of law guarantees our most essential rights and fundamental freedoms.

Therefore, Intérêt à Agir’s training centre aims to :

  • Democratise the understanding of law and convey its comprehension to transform its image and the ambiguous relationship it holds, making legal rules true allies in daily life
  • Strengthen the expertise of specialised professionals engaged with legal matters, as the new challenges we face continuously generate new and complex rules.

Training to the Power of Jurisdictional Action

We are convinced that understanding the law makes acting through law possible, to exercise real jurisdictional influence on our society.

Our key themes relate to common goods, respect, defence, and guarantee of fundamental human and environmental rights, as well as strategic litigation.

We also offer Masterclasses in which our experts provide technical knowledge on specific and concrete issues.

Within a relaxing, unusual, or exotic setting, you will receive analysis and solutions to crucial legal questions.

Our most recent Masterclasses, for example, addressed the constraints imposed by the securing of employment contracts for aliens, or the future responsibilities of companies.