Filing of a compensatory claim in the interest of the UTOPIA 56 and HUMAN RIGHTS LEAGUE associations alongside victims, in order to establish the responsibility of the French authorities in the shipwreck of 24 November 2021 in the English Channel

On 13 February 2023, a request was filed with several authorities, including the Prime Minister, the Interior Minister, the Secretary of State for the Sea, the Maritime Prefect of the Channel and the North Sea, and the Director of the Regional Operational Monitoring and Rescue Centre (CROSS). This was formulated by three families of victims and two associations, Utopia 56 and the Human Rights League, seeking compensation for the damages suffered following this tragic shipwreck.

Development of an argument against the refusal of PCR tests in detention

Dans le paysage juridique français, deux notions se distinguent par leur complexité et leur importance : l’obstruction volontaire et la soustraction. Ces termes, bien que semblables en apparence, ont des implications différentes et sont utilisés dans des contextes distincts. Leur compréhension et leur application correctes sont essentielles pour garantir l’équité et la justice dans le […]

What do we mean by « Strategic Litigation » ?

The term « litigation » generally refers to a set of contentious matters settled through legal proceedings. What strategies can one deploy from this point? Is it even desirable, some may wonder?

Judge Made Law

When judges take up causes advocated by associations, they play a decisive role in defending the public interest and can address the urgency of contemporary societal expectations.